Billet Dividers

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Updated 10 point billet dividers.

after more R&D I found that going with one extra point was quite a bit more useful. With 9 spaces you have a central piece in the restack, or by skipping points you can do thirds easily.

dividers are made to order, so if ordering assembled allow a couple weeks lead time for assembly, diy kits will ship right away.

Tired of all the math and measuring involved in cutting up billets for a restack and still ending up with a wasted little chunk of precious pattern weld, or heaven forbid, one that is too short. Well I’ve got just the tool for you. Simply extend the dividers till the outer points touch the ends of the bar and mark it into 9 pieces, or position it into any amount less than that, or more doing a division within a division. Also can be used for ratios going between 2 points then counting out up to 1:9. Spacing range is anywhere from 1/2”-6” with a closed size of 4 1/2”x8 3/4”with all the laser cut parts being 1/8” thick, so 1/4” + rivet heads for 2 leaf and 3/8” for 3 leaf dividers. 

Available in 2 different materials with 2 construction choices in 3 different grades of completion. 
We have 304 stainless steel parts or 4130 points with mild steel connectors in 2 leaf or 3 leaf construction and can be ordered either as loose parts for a diy kit, assembled or filed and assembled. 

The kit comes with all the laser cut parts, bronze washers and rivets necessary to assemble. As cut the rivet holes are a bit snug, but I found chucking an 1/8” hardened pin in the drillpress and “drilling out” the holes with a little oil worked perfectly, so I’ll throw in a pin for good measure. Also a way to support the rivets while peening is recommended, to not get flat spots. I found just using a scrap of g10 with a 3/32” pilot hole and then countersunk till the rivet head was nearly all the way in worked quite well and held up fine for a quick and dirty option. 

All divider come with mild steel rivets, tested out stainless rivets, but was not happy with the result so had to go with a little bit of rust risk for the stainless dividers. 

The choice between 2 and 3 leaf design comes down to cost and durability. The extra layer of the 3 leaf is a little more rigid, but the 2 leaf is perfectly fine. Personally I like the 3 leaf design more and it’ll be my choice, but whether or not the extra cost and weight is worth it is up to you. Both are winners, which is why I’m offering both. 
the 3 leaf is also a bit more fiddly to assemble. Having to slip in the washers between leaves is a bit trickier than just having a top and bottom layer. 

Finally the choice between  stainless and alloy steel, obviously the stainless is less maintenance, but the 4130 is a bit stronger and has the option of heat treating (just the very tips, heating the whole part risks changing the distance between holes and hence accuracy) and can also be blued which is an added layer of classiness if you ask me. 

Ps.  the filed divider sample is 5 leg, but you are ordering the standard 10 leg version 👍