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Wanted to make something small and easy to carry. Something to have nearby for opening up a box or bag, or those horrible clamshell packages. Well this was what I came up with, a nice thin, tough 1/16” thick 8670 blade. Hollow ground with fullers in the sleek handle for positive grip in many different positions. The little pulltab and matching bead also adds to a better grip and aids in pulling it out of the sheath. The sheath is holstex, another thermoplastic like kydex, but the patterning is so much nicer. In keeping with the sleek, small design I made the sheath low profile. Using a wide silicone rubber bit of tubing for retention along with a gusset on the edge side to make sure it’s doesn’t accidentally get cut into. It comes with a flat paracord adjustable necklace. But I also have some small ulticlips in stock with extra hardware available to purchase to open up some other carry options. 

knife specifications 

blade length 1.5”

handle length 2.25”

overall length 3.68”

blade thickness 1/16”

Colors are 

  • Jurassic (opal g10, red G10 liner, ultem pin and copper tube. 
  • Purple (purple G10, black g10 liner and pin, stainless tube. 
  • Blue (blue G10, black and blue g10 liners, black G10 pin and stainless tube.  
  • ghost Blue (jade green G10, blue G10 liner and stainless pin and tube. 
  • green (forest green G10, ivory G10 liner, bronze pin and copper tube. 
  • ivory (ivory G10, bronze liner and pin, copper tube.