Dandelions in the Wind

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This dandy little Chef’s knife with its high-def S-grind will glide through your food prep easier than dandelion seeds blowing in the spring breeze. The blade is a “quartersawn” piece of linear Damascus with holes punched into it to accept the round bits of dandelion steel to be forge welded in. The handle is sculpted from dyed and stabilized maple burl carefully fit into the keyhole bolster with an heirloom fit. Light and thin, this was a real joy to take on a test run, couldn’t be more pleased for it to land in the hands of somebody to find a lifetime of enjoyment from it before passing it down. 


blade length 8 3/8” 213mm

blade width 2 1/4” 57mm

blade thickness 1/8” 3.2mm

handle length 5 3/4” 146mm

Overall length 13 1/2” 343mm

point of balance at the heel

weight 8oz 225g