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About Penrose

This steel was made with Steve Schwarzer and is the first time anyone has ever done penrose tiling in pattern welded steel. Penrose tiling is a pretty wild thing. take your triangles, squares or hexagons and they all fit together no problem. but take a pentagon and there will be gaps or overlaps. Well mathematician Roger Penrose figured it out back in the 60's. By taking two different rhombuses you can creat a fivefold pattern,  and not only is there no gaps, but because of how those two shapes interact, the pattern never repeats.

     Alright enough of an origin story, the blade has a B-grind for food release and to manage a thicker, more rigid spine with a thinner blade for less resistance in the cut. Of course I say thick meaning at the base of the spine by the integral bolster. It tapers beautifully to a very fine point for delicate detail work. The handle is mechanically secured and everything is stabilized and heirloom fit so that if anything ever does shrink or swell no sharp corners will ever show up.

Every $20 increment gets you a chance, with the goal of 200 entries.