Satellite Workrest Bevel Jig

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Pretty interesting setup I’ve been building here. Always seems like I wish I could get an even lower angle on my workrest, but there’s just always something in the way stopping me. Well, take out the middle, making it 2 rests in line and to the sides of the platen and mount it to the back of the platen and you end up with something pretty dang great. Can get the full range of angles up to 45° and you can change belts without having to move the workrest out of the way and readjust it. Also because it mounts to the back of the platen it’s pretty compatible with a wide variety of 2x72 grinders. I made it to fit my wilmont grinder so that’s the ideal fit, but as long as there clearance behind the platen for a 1” round to come out the side and the 3” of the angle bracket to stick out it should work. Its set to work with a 5/16” platen  too, so a platen any thicker or thinner than that and some washer shimming under either between the workrests and shaft, or between angle bracket and platen may be necessary. The 1/4”-20 bolts mounting the rests to the shaft have enough length to them to account for some shimming, but if you really have to space it out to work with some super chunky setup you have you’ll have to get some longer bolts. Also comes with a longer 3/8”-16 bolt to replace the bolt going into the plate, I know some machines use smaller diameter bolts the important thing is that slot in the angle bracket of the jig will slide around that bolt. 

there’s a few options for getting the jig out of the way when you need unrestricted access to the platen.

One, you can actually tilt it all the way up to 90°, the flat of the D shaft will be over the bracket so it’s not secure enough to use the work rest at 90°. But it’ll certainly hold it up just to be out of the way. 

Two, if there’s enough clearance behind the platen you can loosen that top bolt on the platen and slide the jig out. In that 3/8” gap between the platen bracket and the platen with can make up a 3/8” slotted shim to fill that gap and tighten the bolt back up. 

Three, make a separate platen dedicated to the jig. Then you can just swap out the whole assembly quick and easy.

the workrest are 3/8”x2”x6” 1018 steel. The faces and mating surfaces have been surface ground to ensure everything is nice and in-line and consistent. The spacing of the holes are 1/2” in and 1” apart, so if you did want a larger area to work off of drilling and countersinking a few holes would be pretty straightforward. Or if you did need a little something above the belt to work off of you could clamp a piece of stock to the work rests. 

the jigs are shipped unassembled to save costs on shipping, but a couple minutes with a 5/32” and 5/16” hex key and you’ll be in business.